02.12. Bern, Switzerland: Dubtopia XII w/ishan sound

Ishan Sound from the Peng Sound / Young Echo / Hotline Recordings family will be joining us at dubtopia XII in Dachstock Reitschule.
Collynization soundsystem delivering the stacks and the roots.
cutkachi and myself bringing the local dubplates.
C4TR on the mic duty.

see you!

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damnnnn I’m away :frowning: . this looks so sick and I miss you and Bern!

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yeah ive rinsed all my holiday till April next year… Would be keen to come over in Summer-ish time tho! :slight_smile:

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fair enough. i’d have some good things hoing on in summer too. dubtopia fo sure and also a little hidden festival. and anytime there is the lovely aare welcoming you:)


switzerland crew:
this saturday, squat-soundsystem session!

bumpizm. next week!

@jrkhnds: are you in?

unfortunately not; my own night is on every 1st saturday of the month so I can’t make it. nice booking though, I’m sure it wil be vibes :call_me_hand:

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aaw :frowning: shame. have a goodone too


gunfingervibes allnightlong