0h85 Live on Cosmic Sound Radio

I’m on at a new time now

Every Monday 8pm EST (1am GMT & 5pm PST)

we’re apparently going to be revamping the site a bit soon so there may be some hiccups, anyway I’m going to try & post every mix to my hearthis page ( http://hearthis.at/0h85 ) & the lastest mix each week to my soundcloud ( http://soundcloud.com/0h85 )


live in 10 :clap:

I’m late, but locked.
Tune playing right now is exactly what I like! Artist?

was deejay compton

1 BigUp

This one by you?

dj paypal !

Didn’t see your voice coming lol. Was playing fairly loud while I was chopping garlic and I had a close encounter.

mic level the most impossible thing to get right lololol

Like some kind of Jawjam frits wentink hybrid

Frits Wentink - Glints

Ah, second time lucky

Still you? If so, what’s this now?

spednar not me

Ah fair, good set man

thanks brajj

heres full setlist if anyone interested

ill up the recording in a bit

Lefty x Nikes - Moody
Girl’s Day - 헬로버블 (m.traz edit)
A.Fruit - Why Can’t I
DJ Mastercard - All I Do feat DJ Orange Julius
DJ Mastercard - In the Dark
m.traz - You are a Rose
0h85 - Cut that Bitch Off
Nangdo & Phaid - She Ready
DJ Mastercard - Timeflys
DJ T Rell - Bandz & Pantz
Franjazzco - Nexxxt
0h85 - Feel Cold
DJ Compton - Players Club
Ria Ekin - Google Earth
DJ Compton - That Dro
DJ Clent - Mikeshake
Pariah - Detroit Falls
DJ Clent - In those Jeans
DJ Paypal - bEbay
DJ Godfather & Starski - Let’s Go
DJ Mediafire - Burned Up
SBTRKT - Something Goes Right (Gant-Man Mix)
Young Thug - Danny Glover (LAKIM Mix)
DJ Problem & DJK-Duecez - Trading Places
JERM’1 - Touch
Gant-Man - Jungle Juke
Lastckall - Let’s Do It
DJ Godfather & Starski - It’s Time
DJ Diamond - Perk2012
DJ Clent - Robot
Dem Franchize Boyz - Oh I Think Dey Like Me
Alfred English - Ur Love Hurts
Drake - Hotline Bling (Mr_Fuzz Remix)
Diplo - The Scrappy Chief
Bambounou - Night
Mood II Swing - Do it Your Way
Crazy Penis - There’s a Better Place
Lay-Far - BYRSLF
Frits Wentink - Glints
Andres - Just a Player
Brame, Hamo - Ghetto For You
Rocco Raimundo - Keep On Keepin On
D-Train - Tryin’ to get Over
Traxxx Romay - Bounce on my Lips
Carly Simon - Why
Ashanti - Happy
Amerie - 1 thing
Ciara - Goodies
Nelly - Ride w/ Me
Timbaland - Give it to Me
Ciara - 1,2 Step
Janet Jackson - Someone to call my Lover
Skinnz - Turn U On
Bok Bok - Silo Pass
Mark Pritchard - Wind it Up
R.Kelly - Ignition Remix

only going to be upping the first 30-40 minutes of each mix to soundcloud/hearthis

hopefully will create incentive to listen live??


Play more dubs in the sections you don’t upload too.

ahh see maybe ill start to do that if i get a decent following of like 10-20 listeners every week

but until then, i think id like to repay the people who send me dubs w/ some exposure through the mixes rather than keep them exclusive

Hey I like your mixes there fresh :100:
If your interested check out my soundcloud and if you like anything I’d be greatful if you put it in your mix and mention me
( Soundcloud.com/emazine )