[140] Conscious Pilot - Transmissions 001 [Satellite Ranch]

What’s up people? I’m quite happy with this mix here I made to promote this festival I’ll be performing at. Mixed on a pair of CDJ-800MK2 players and a Rane TTM56 mixer, a 1-take freestyled selection. Raw, yet key matched…some very interesting blends emerge. Enjoy :smiley:

*No tracklist, but it’s 95% unreleased tracks from me and my buddies.

Studio Mix

Welcome to Satellite Ranch Transmissions 001!
Featuring tracks from Conscious Pilot’s own Release The Sounds EP (Feral Sound​ Recs)
The EP is out now and is a Free Download - https://feralsound.bandcamp.com/album
You may already be familiar with his radio show on the award winning Sub.FM, chart topping vinyl & digital releases, and dubplate-packed performances at live events. Join Conscious Pilot on a journey as he flies under the radar of the sellout mentality, delivering enthusiast-oriented vibes to discerning bass music intellectuals worldwide.
BUY TICKETS - https://tinyurl.com/y84mrwq8