2015 Best Mixes

or like radio sets or w/e

factmag done a list, yes it’s a slide show ting, lots of cool shit i need to listen to here

agreed on the history of boxed and dance mania mixes in there, both are siiikkk

there were a lot of good astral planes ones, i rate how awful the mixing is in this one


this was peeeng

brains failing me can’t remember what else was good

according to my phone the mixes i kept going back to this year were…(but probably because there was like one dubplate I was rinsing tbf)

(all of the Crucial Recordings podcasts are good imo)


Apparently all the ones on my phone apart from this and the LAS Blacklist one are from last year or earlier…

ranked by number of plays:
Autechre Dekmantel mix (mentioned in the FACT article)

Linkwood FACT mix

JETS xlr8r mix

tofubeats DJ set / Lost Decade Kobe 20150704 - soundcloud link

Ishan Sound Juno Plus podcast

Regis for The Bunker

Soramimi Electronic Explorations mix

radio wise: N-Type on Rinse, Warlock on Kool London, Ben UFO (either on his own or with his excellent guests) on Rinse, Beneath on Radar Radio LDN, Channel One on Rinse, Zomby on Benji B for Radio 1, and 0h85 on Cosmic Sound.

too much good music out there for zeroi dollars. crazy stuff.

1 BigUp

Was that commodo big up magazine mix 2015? Cause that was fucking heinous

Kursk’s Trusik mix has got to be my favourite this year.