22a appreciation thread

Having recently discovered this label/collective I’m loving the stuff they are/have been putting out

Highly recommend it

I’ve heard some people chucking around the term ‘broken beat’ to describe some of the tunes these guys are releasing, if anyone wants to throw any suggestions for similar artists/sounds feel free


Isn’t that Henry Wu geezer the drummer out of yusef kamal?

Henry wu is the 1 on keys

Ah right lol, thought it was one of them

Yeah nice label, that whole musical nexus centred around Peckham is really bubbling. Check their worldwide.fm show, think it’s weekly.

Edit: Oops was gonna answer your Q Swerver but already done :badteeth: Henry Wu = Kamaal Williams


@lazyalf probably has recommendations for stuff like this for days

Just took delivery of the Nobody but U EP, soooo good!

Sounds like some soulful/funky house to me, not really broken beat but anyway. Yeah apparently this Henry Wu guy is affiliated to the resurgence of the broken beat sound, he actually played at the last Co-Op Boiler Room:

For the original broken beat sound, check out IG Culture, Bugz In The Attic, Dego of 4hero, Domu…

@mks knows a lot about this shit as well.

Yeah this definitely sounds more like it:

One of the foundation tunes of this scene, IG Culture on production:

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I love My History.

safe check out how trendy i am for uploading this more than 3 years ago

I remember I posted this on the old production board and it just went over everyone’s head. I would love to produce sessions like this.

Here is what that session came out as:


A bit rougher and more minimal than My History, here’s another classic:

This one never gets old.

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Any label that reissues ‘Sterling Styles - Bye Bye’ is OK in my books!

my god that tune is sick

vid is also mint

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Sorry if I’m taking you too far from the left or right of your jazz leanings. I explore the spectrum.