4x4/tribal/techn0/Garage Crossover Appreciation

Unsure wether a thread about this exists so apologies in advance

The 4x4/techno Dubstep cross over is a sound which has resonated with me more than any other in this large spectrum of bass music. With the likes of Shackleton,Scuba, 2562, Martyn, J.sparrow, among many others pushing the sound. I don’t feel as if this syle is pushed as much these days I maybe wrong but it is a huge shame if it is the case

So what tunes would you recommend listening to, I’ll start:

2562- Techno Dread

Xxxy - Rain (Jack Sparrow Remix)

Scuba -Tense

J.sparrow - Red Sand

Djrum - St. Martins

Xxxy - Reflections

Emalkay - Angie Got Stoned

J.sparrow - The Chase VIP

Vivek - Show me

Vivek - Spread Love

Fever Ray - When I Grow up (Scubas straight down Mix )

Xi - 000

J.sparrow - Loveless

Pangea - Router

Any suggestions welcome Want to record a mix with music all in this style!

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You have most of the main proponents / labels already listed. Check out the Punch Drunk catalogue aswell as Apple Pips. Tectonic warrants a deeper dive; some strong techy workouts by Omen, Cyrus etc. released. Martyn is another obvious example who’s released some real bangers on his 3024 label.

…all assuming you know how to operate discogs.

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I do know how to operate discogs although I find their discographies are sometimes missing content

weird; I find discogs to be incredibly on point, especially when it comes to “newer” releases (i.e. last 20 years or so). I’ve only encountered “problems” with some white label records which weren’t listed anywhere.
btw I recorded a podcast a bit over 2 years ago that featured a lot of this style. maybe you’ll find some cues in the tracklist.

01 armour – iron man – tectonic
02 pinch & moving ninja – false flag – tectonic
03 kryptic minds – one of us – swamp 81
04 cyrus – space cadet – tectonic
05 phrex – drumworks – relationreset
06 joe – level crossing – hessle
07 2562 – kameleon – tectonic
08 untold – anaconda – hessle
09 martyn – vancouver – 3024
10 zomby – rumours & revolutions – brainmath
11 ikonika – please – hyperdub
12 zomby – the lie – ramp
13 ld – woodblock – hyperdub
14 joker – 80s – kapsize
15 commodo – fuck mountain – hotline
16 las – preach – boxclever
17 las – malfunktions – system
18 facta – 36th chamber – soundman chronicles
19 mark pritchard – heavy as stone – deep medi

edit: @ultraspatial did a sick one too a while back; anyone still have the link? had loads of ramadanman bits in it and such.
edit2: anyone still have that mix Wiggle did wayyyy back?? it was big! og thread here: https://www.dubstepforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=56454

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wicked man safe thnks will deffinatly try bhave a listen to some of those tunes

I made a spotify playlist full of this kinda stuff


A lot of this kinda stuff didn’t really click with me at first, but been absolutely loving it for the past year or so. Re listening to appleblims allstars definitely got me back on it, probably one of my favourite mixes

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