90s / Early 00s R&B/Pop tunes

Go shamelessly

^ tune

^ beat on this one is on some pre-wonky tip

Hesitated to post this one in the hip-hop forum but I thought “other” left more room for some more poppy stuff aka

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^ could be posted in hip hop as well I guess… banga tho

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that Eve tune is so sick

Both percys.
Why wasn’t Millionaire ever released in the states??

was listening to that lumidee one the other day banger, there’s quite a good jtj bassline remix

the beat on the intro of that Cassidy tune really is mad

of course:

could also be put in the hip-hop thread I guess

allow Youtube’s 240p quality…

Absolute favourite

haha that’s the sample from hunt down the savage- my boo

i’ve got so used to it having some massive ‘bwaoab BAWAOB’ bassline underneath