A question about being a DJ at a club

Are you allowed to bring yout own controllers? I’ve noticed that most clubs seem to use a pioneer CDJ set up however i’ve never even tried CDJ’s, or beatmatching so I think performace wise I’d be rubbish if for example i cant use a sync button. However I’m extremely comfortable using my Traktor S4 and Traktor pro software, I could easily perform a decent set throughout the night and I can get on find without the sync button so long as im not switching songs every 30 seconds.

I’d guess its all subject to the club but id really like to know as i wanna start getting out there and doing some performances.

It all depends on the club, but usually bringing your own gear shouldn’t be an issue. I strongly recommend not playing out until you’ve got at least the very basics of DJing down though (i.e. get your hands on some gear and learn to beatmatch). If even you admit your performance would be “rubbish” in case of technical difficulties, why would anyone risk booking you?

It’s a bit embarassing to be patently honest. :smiley:

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Why would you want to play out if you cant Beatmatch at all? syncing tunes is okay if your playing a house party or something but if your booked at a club… nah.

Oh yeah ofcourse i absolutely need to get a better grip of DJ’ing before even attempting to approach club slots. When i say I want to get out there i just mean that i’m eager to perform, not gonna jump into anything if i dont feel i’m up for it or if there’s a chance i’ll mess up because i’m not familliar with the hardware (what i meant by “rubbish”.). Just wanna find out how to appraoch the whole thing, hence the question about the equipment

Howcome? I assumed that, in general, DJ’s sync because the songs in clubs tend to change up about every 30 seconds. And yeah, you’re righ. I definatley need to take the time to learn how to beatmatch

I can mix songs every 45 seconds but it’s best if you use more than 2 decks. 3 at least, so you can have one being primed while another is fading in and out.

If you are playing to a paying crowd then sync DJing is pretty poor. Learn to beatmatch and take your controller if you aren’t comfortable using CDJs.

If you are genuinely planning on having a good go at this then I would suggest finding a way of becoming familiar with CDJs. Hire them maybe? Or cop a cheap second hand set

30 and 45 second mixes? What is this? DMC?

Any decent respected DJ will not be mixing tunes every 30 seconds

Also if you’re not able to get familiar with CDJs its good to learn how to mix without relying much on your software and its visual clues

Got any you could recondmend? I was looking at Pioneer’s XDJ-RX, maybe pay for it monthley with dawsons (though i doubt i have a decent enough credit rating). It’s compatable with Rekordbox so it’d be great practice, though i do think that they’re limited to 2 decks.

Save up and buy some second hand CDJs and a mixer. It’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long term if you’re actually serious about DJing.

Please forget about 30 second mixes and the sync button

In general, DJs don’t use sync…? This is what DJs do:

I can’t imagine how annoying it’d be to have a new tune blasting at your face every 30 seconds. In your mind, how would’ve the “old guys” been doing it back in the eighties and nineties, before CDJs were even available? Maybe you should start it slow, rent / borrow some gear to somehow get the hang of it all. And once you really know what you’re looking for, you can save up to buy some gear that’ll last you a while.

Mixing songs every 45 seconds gets douchey after a couple minutes but when your getting people pumped up for the intro it’s perfect.

You can learn to mix with a controller imo, but you have to be disciplined, treat the controller as cdjs, use the computer to load the tunes but then for nothing else, cover the visual stuff, bpms etc, maybe keep your laptop out of sight so you have to turn to load the tunes then you have nothing visually, just your ears. headphones, monitors and the controller. You can keep practice beat matching till it clicks (it will but is one of the most frustrating learning experiences), then when it comes to CDJs its pretty much the same thing but you select the tunes differently (putting in a cd and using the little arrows to select a tune shouldnt be too hard to adapt to). You should get hands on with CDJs before playing out (and making sure your cds work etc) but if you have learned properly you should be able to use them 99% the same as you have been with your controller.

A lot of DJs don’t use CDs now… Flash drives are far more convenient.

not a good idea unless you can get to grips with them tho, if you have your own cdjs then use rekordbox as its soooo much easier. but just bringing two sticks to a gig without an idea how its going to work, and finding the tunes on them is fraught with disaster.

Also some clubs still use 1000s (mk 1s and 2s dont have usbs iirc), particularly if your just starting out you will be playing room 2/3 a lot which tend to have old gear.

There is no time during a set where I would want to hear a tune every 45 seconds

Edit - there is definitely nothing wrong with a controller, super convenient. I’m always wary of recommending them to people though as everyone I’ve known to own one relies on its technology to mix, like lye form says, and then when they make the decision to learn to actually beatmatch they find it more difficult/frustating because they’ve relied on something to do it for them for so long.

I take it you hate grime?

Haha funny you should say that, I’ve been told off by riddles for mixing grime like techno. 2 minute blends.

Even grime DJs don’t bang tunes in every 45 seconds though

mhm some do I think; three or four tunes of “power mixing” (lol) aren’t that unusual?