A track am working on if you could give some feedback would be appreciated

https://soundcloud.com/liquid-transition/mono-blue-tiger work in progress

Not bad. I feel that the main lead could be more interesting.

I ‘followed’ you on soundcloud. Looking forward to hearing more.

I like the contrast between cute/cheesy & scary/insistent elements
which sounds asiatic at first
and the way you add the hot mustard at 1.28
with deep waves before it backs off, peace returns, echoes
before the second drop & refrain.
It’s kinda like an amped up Tolerance…Chamber of Secrets

without as distinctive a riff & drift
imo that high pitch scream is a bit too obviously emotive
detracting from the kraaken cries & stateliness

Yeah i get what ya saying. Defo need to work on my layouts creating more interest. Still getting to grips with fl studio cnt always get my ideas on to paper if ya know what i mean. Just trying to get that pro sound atm full where as in the past my tunes could sound empty. Thankx for the feedback mate.

That was so calm. Its nicely done. Also, i followed you on SC. If you can return the favor, it’d be great!

Yeah i have done mate il ave a listen to your music when i get home. Cheers for the feedback.

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Very chill. Loved it . Also like echoes in the mist. You just got another follower. Keep it up

Cheers guys. Hopefully get some more done soon. Still getting used to fl studio only bin on it just over a month. In the market for some monitors as well been working off a set of old philips headphones lol