Aggressive, Reese Heavy Tune

One I had playing around with recently. Thoughts on the percussion, structure, sound design etc?

I’m digging it.
From a quick first listen the hihats that start at 0.23 and run throughout are too high in the mix, they’re very distracting from what else is going on.

Love the heavy mix of percussive elements though, the conga/snare sound could use some variation across the track.

Atmosphere is nice, good spaces…

piano sounds like a reason one, U a proppellerhead ??

the hats that run are a bit rigid, though i think thats the sound you are going for no ??

kick could come up a bit in the mid-hi’s, comes through nicely enough lower end.

very patiently built up… wheres the drop ? :smiley:

them little rim hits you bring in are nicely placed :slight_smile: