Alien Climax, Bienvenue : On the way for EP

Hey guys, I presenting you 2 of my tracks on a d&b or neurofunk style. All the synth are my sound design, I want to create a dark style on my tracks. I think it will be an EP with time. (sorry for my english, i’m french!).


I welcome your comments and criticisms. Good listening!

like your arrangement and nicely controlled synth motion.

i also personally like the unique drum kit you’ve put together on bienvenue. i have a few dnb tracks i’ve done with similar, very industrial sounding kits. there are a couple of fills/kick rolls that are a little out of the happy zone when it comes to phrasing, but likely only noticeably by other engineers and sound designers.

only significant constructive criticism i have on alien climax (and i hope i’m not providing constructive feedback where not desired) is to make that snare brighter and wetter, to help it cut through the synth better.

luck and repect. keep it creepy!

Thanks for your reply, this is really constructive. You’re right for the snare, I’ll remember for the next track.

Thank you again, can I listen your musics ? :slight_smile:

my pleasure. i’m all about working together to push the music as a community.

and, of course, there’s several places you can peep stuff.

we cranked out a few silly and novice graphic animations to amuse the eyes while listening. Meant as nothing more than that. No illusions of being talented visual artists. LOL

And our website maintains a much larger list of works, though many of them are “mostly finished” tracks that were deemed to likely be “permanently under construction (abandoned)” and therefore posted as to not to completely waste away.

and, of course, our fb page

and here, these are kinda hard to find on our website, because they’re 1-2 years old and not really representative of what we’re doing now.

BUT based on your tracks, I think you may enjoy them more than the type of music we’re making now.

Here’s a some Tearout DnB:

And a DnB Roller:

And some NuSkool JumpUp Jungle:

First like 27 seconds are pretty solid but some of those background sounds are a bit quiet. Overall sound design is solid. Writing/arranging is solid but the main Reese could use some eq work so it works better with the sub. Snare is also dry and quiet. Reese at 1:16 is pretty dope though.