All Hail Commodo


Spacy vibes on that one


Still loving this




Hah, would love to see more producers upload clips like this, showing what they made before they started releasing shit


Compa would never upload anything that’d make people question his truhedness :penguin:




its lit :fire: :fire:


Feels kinda hudmoey


That bootleg is pretty good tbh, good dj tool… would go off I reckon.


Lightz is a bangerrrrr
Oh god I wanna book Commodo now.


haha gunna need some $$$ m8


tbh cash was hardly ever the issue. we manage to break even just fine even when spending ~1500£ on fees. it’s more a question of date and club availability. and in case we don’t, we have a more-or-less solid bank built up to draw from.






He is a truhed


What’s that supposed to mean?


maybe I misunderstood your post
I thought there was some kind of irony involved


I realise this might’ve sounded like I was taking the piss. Evidently there’s more to all of this than just spending a sum of cash.


Still his illest track imo,
The drum work is just next level and doom on the intro is icing on the cake.


Hope we all haven’t forgotten about this one