Anyone got a degree in music production?

Currently doing graphics but thinking of dropping out and taking up music production somewhere, possibly BIMM.

Anyone on or finished a music production who could tell me what it’s like?

oh no you won’t. music is full. there’s no room. go do something else


Do it.

If it’s your dream, do it.


what did you get a degree in, Tabasco?

I have a doctorate, thank you.

I plan on earning a MD. I’ve been think about specializing in gastroenterology, but I’m keeping my eyes open. What did you earn a doctorate in, Dr. Tobasco?




This summer I’ll be done with a BA in music production and engineering.
It’s in Norway though, and a lot of our courses are business-related, as we’ve been told that the music industry here needs more of that stuff. That being said it’s great to be around creative people in general, working together on projects outside of school etc.

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I would make sure it is a degree in Music and ? (business or management or film)

There is nothing you’d learn on a music production degree you couldn’t at home tbh. find a syllabus from somewhere and follow it in your own time.

yeah i agree with this, did a more normal arts degree to have something to fall back on that looks studious, think there’s more jobs you could get with graphics and you could still learn all you wanted about music production for free tbh

i mean unless you wanna do a studio/sound engineer type job

to be honest the idea of going to school so one can make “techno” still seems hilarious to me…but then again the current culture surrounding the music seems ridiculous to me from the mega festival crowd to the anti-software analog fetish purists…

…surprisingly few people that I know who “do sound” went to school…granted these are mostly live sound people who qualify as old hippies who learned mixing live bands from being in bands etc…

I feel like the going to school for production thing is as oversaturated as the electronic music market. There are plenty of people making great records at home in their spare time.

Well the plan was just to have graphics to fall back on while learning all of the music stuff via youtube etc. but recently I have been thinking that I would actually rather do some studio/sound engineering over graphics. It’s just the lack of jobs in that area is the problem

Got MFA in Film/Video and BFA in Music Technology from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Which is another way of saying I’m super broke right now. Seriously my net worth is negative six figures.


A degree in music production is pretty worthless imo. You would be better off learning a skill that will actually get you a job.

I learned this from my own experience and I was in the music industry for 13 years.

I am now back in school finishing my third degree. I studied jazz on one of the firstish times around.


If you really wanna do a music related subject go for music computing/technology, you could even wind up as an electrical engineer making really good money, or get into software companies for music, and non-music, related works.

Rad, I went to CalArts too, for my undergrad. When were you there?

I have a MFA in experimental music and technology from Mills as well.

Music tech encompassed programming and machine-building as well as production and live sound, so it did teach some potentially useful information rather than just “oh this is how you EQ”. We learned Max and Reaktor, as well as how to basically build robots and control them using languages like Processing and ChucK.

Of course I wasn’t as adept at programming so learning this skill was quite useless in my professional career, except when it comes to using programming languages in other ways like website building etc.

Just graduated in May, went from 2008-15 (BFA and MFA)

My friend Maggie Baron goes to Mills right now. That name ring a bell?

Nonetheless, that is really cool @Cheyne_Taylor_Bush @knobgoblin.

I actually don’t regret being a Jazz major although that wasn’t the career I eventually pursued. Had a blast learning.

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