Anyone got a degree in music production?


Hello there,

I Did a BTEC in Music Technology and an A-Level in Music. The A-Level in Music was probably more useful than the Music Tech course. I have found Music Theory to be a huge advantage in production. The majority of what I learned on the Tech course was OK but I learned the most by getting a DAW and just learning it myself at home and talking to other producers. I can’t say I learned nothing, but yeah, the most of it I learned myself just through Tutorials and trial and error.



I wanna maybe studyaudio tech/music production next year, just cos I wanna spend my day playing around with DAWs and gear, things I’m basically already into.

Having said that I’m in doubts about the usefulness of studying it formally, like people have mentioned. But the alternative is to do something I’m less interested in

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Yeah i did the same BTEC and feel exactly the same. I’m gonna look into something abit more technical now i think, such as audio engineering


FM8 M8.


mostly. taught my professor a thing or two & every other professor in the music department taught me a thing or two. ymmv


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Well there’s this Production and DJ Course I’d quite like to do but it’s not as “elite” as what I used to study (not a problem for me personally but my brother says going back would be a waste of time). Also I could probably self-teach most of it. It’d be up my street though. IDK. Do I go for it?


If you’re not gonna be doing anything else in that time I say go for it tbh. Courses like that aren’t just about what you do, they can also be about the people you meet.


Lol dj course.


Innit, fuck people who decide to study things they’re interested in.


I’ve just started two courses:

  1. An Advanced Diploma in Music from the Australian Guild of Music Education online. Basically similar/equivalent to the second year of a three-year bachelor degree. I seem to have gotten credit for the technology/composition unit bundle.

  2. A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment locally on-campus. It’s the course that qualifies you as a TAFE teacher. TAFE is a kind of trade school/community college in Australia.

I should theoretically be busy for at least six months.

If I don’t find work, I’m thinking about setting up an online music production school.


we could make our own liddle certificates in paint that would count the same


i wish i had done that instead of getting a degree lol


Let’s set this up with nominees, polls and a print out of the Certificate in Production from Dubstep Forum!


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To fuel your dreams you have to fuel it with money. I would use your graphic design job to fuel your music career. That’s what I’m doing with computer science. Or you and drop out, but get some type of trade or certificate in something that make you money.