Anyone still using rebirth

looks fucking cool. anyone still using the software on a computer, am only finding links to get their updated version of it on ipad

i have the windows installer somewhere

used it once to get a sample of distorted 808 kick :cornlol:

looked cool, but i couldn’t figure out how to do shit

isnt rebirth like a tracker

i cba with that shit tried the gameboy one for a bit found it really long

ooooh rebirth is the reason thingy nah its dope

i was thinking of renoise looool

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is it 64 bit?

yeah i found a sample pack from it once that sounded amazing, was like a pack just for making pulse x bootlegs haha, there’s a good vid online somewhere of youngstar making the track using rebirth

i think i really need to get a new laptop and i’d like to try something new for a while, then properly purchase ableton

I don’t think 64 bit computers even existed when Rebirth first came out.

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i mean i know that, but wondering if there’s a version that works on 64 bit

do you mean to say it’ll probably work? or have i completely misread

i always have such beef with plugins that are meant for 32bit not installing into my ableton

VST’s are a different story. 32 bit VST’s will not work in a 64 bit DAW. You need a software bridge program in order to run them.

Yes, I am saying that it will probably work. If I recall, Rebirth is run as a standalone program.


they will work in reaper :]]]

give reaper a try, as johney mentioned it has a bridge for 32bit plugins and with the full license costing 60-ish euros, it’s deffo worth giving it a whirl to see if it works out for you before going for a 300+ euros ableton full license

definitely best 60 dollars i’ve spent.
It has a bit of a learning curve, but i’m very happy with it

I used rebirth like 15 years ago when me and my mayt were really into goa trance and psychedelics. What a throwback.

Think that was the first “computer music” interface I ever fucked with back in the day. Remember going to a party, they had it booted up and everyone took turns making beats. Fun shit albeit limited.

Renoise is the shit.

It’s far from ‘long’, it’s probably the best software to make beats quickly, especially stuff that’s largely ‘on the grid’ like grime, dubstep, d&b. You can make stuff in minutes on Renoise that would take like half an hour or more on other DAWs.

I think way more people would use it if they actually spent more than 10 minutes with it after downloading it. It only takes a few days to learn it really, but most people are intimidated by the interface I think, and never really delve in. Fucking instant gratification generation m8 I swear.

Anyway, not to go off topic too much but I don’t really see the point in running Rebirth in 2017, you can make those sounds easily in other ways. I guess it will always be a part of grime’s history but there are other ways to get distorted 808 drums lol

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it’s not all about youngstar for me man trust

i like the idea of being limited to just 808 909 and 303, and really simple effects, all the stuff i use the fuck out of anyway, just looking to try something different to get me thinking differently to a modern daw where u can do anything under the sun (but i’m a cheap fuk and hate hardware)

You got a good resource for mastering ReNoise in a couple days?

Whenever I fuck with a tracker these days (SunVox most recently) I just get irritated.

I thought I had grabbed the rebirth installer when they gave it away for free. It is not available from their site anymore. I will see if I can dig it up. It is on one of my old computers.

Man, I’m only going to host this for a short period of time for the DSF production hedz. Grab it if you want it. I have no idea if it works.

edit: link removed. See below for the iso that may likely work for some of you.