Anyone still using rebirth


In b4 I make a contest out of it you big sillies :high_heel:


Didn’t work for me on Windows 10.


I opened it in XP.


Can u run in compatibility mode


Why would you use a 64 bit daw? Does ableton use over 3GB ram while making a tune? Are VST’s not a seperate process? I dont know much about ableton or how resource hungry it is.

Renoise is too hard to get into, It is a nice tool for cutting amens manually as i remember but thats about it i guess


Yeah, I tried that but it didn’t work.


Is it a 16bit launcher


You might need to burn it to CD and mount it as an ISO.


If u have loads of sample based stuff that you need loading in memory then you might reach the limit of what a 32bit DAW can address. I did with cubase, so now i run it 64bit and 64bit VSTs


64 has more bits


You should try hardware tho if you wanna go down that route of minimalism. The Akai rhythm wolf does a pretty decent 808/303 emulation for the price (it’s nowhere near as bad as most people make out). Or there’s digital drum machines like the XR20 which you can get cheaply


Honestly I learned mostly by watching the tutorials on their official YouTube channel. They cover just about everything you need.


Lol fuck that, Renoise is the best DAW out there imo. It’s not perfect, the live recording kind of sucks, it’s a bit limited for time-strectching and warping stuff (though there are workarounds), but for most other things I can’t really fault it.


i like working really quick all in the box i find, i never even use the midi keyboard i bought cos i like to just tap out synth lines on the qwerty

maybe in the future but not now


is there more to it than just clicking the .exe file

to get it to install

lots of little file types my lappy doesn’t recognise in there

when i click that it just asks for the cd…


I started looking in to it. It may need another file. I get the same error, which is why I suggested creating an ISO image. I will get back to you; I’m at work in the middle of a demo by a vendor.


in b4 you laugh at something inappropriate at an awkward point in the vendor’s pitch


He’s in the other room. We are testing out a new SIEM.


Funny. I was just sussing out Pwnie Express earlier today.


Rebirth dates back before Windows XP. More like to Windows 98, so almost 20 years ago. I got it working in XP but not on Windows 10 yet. I have heard reports of people getting it to work on later versions of Windows.

You may need a file called winhlp32.exe. I downloaded it and tried to install it last night but it didn’t work.

I was about to give up and was asking myself why I was even bothering, but then the idea of Rewiring that into my DAW as a little acid machine, plus I’m stubborn makes me want to get it work.

I will let you know.


Yeah, no luck for Windows 10. I found a torrent of the ISO, mounted it virtually and tried to install in compatibility mode.

You may have better luck with Windows 7 or 8.1.

Good luck!