Are the Sonivox Plugins Worth It? (Mainly for the Tempo Syncing)

I was watching these videos on the Sonivox plugins and they seem great. There’s Wobble, Twist, Pulse, and Vocalizer. Basically they make it easier to make dubstep. I’m trying to find that balance between “I used a loop and now I don’t feel like I created the song” and “I spent 40 hours flanging a saw tooth synth.” At some point if I want to make progress I have to give that up or it’ll be like “I can’t use Pro Tools because I didn’t code it myself.”

Anyways, making sounds isn’t really the big deal. It’s syncing them to triplets and sixlets and all of that that I can’t really figure out on the piano roll. I guess I need to learn how to use a midi controller. How are you guys doing it?

These plugins basically have a “choose your rhythm” and it does the job for you. The videos show what I’m talking about, plus they come with hundreds of pre-made sounds that you can change to make them your own so you don’t end up sounding like the guy using default sounds all the time.

Those plugins seem legit but then I saw that the whole set was hundreds of bucks, and even one of them is pricey. I don’t really know what’s what yet, coming from making rap beats years ago. What’s the best way to get this done?

So you want to buy plug ins instead of learning how to use your piano roll properly? Seems like a quick goolge search or a look at the manual would solve all this. Its like two mouse clicks in FL Studio to set the piano roll to triplets and sixths as well I believe.

Save your money, I say. The answer to this can probably be solved in under fifteen minutes…

Also most basic LFOs will sync to at least triplets if not sixths.

Or am I completely missing what you are asking?

I’d be fucking wary of anything that has a genre name in the product title.

This too.