Best Free DAW?


ooooh, not seen this one b4 :thinking:


Huh. Interesting… :hmm:





Anyone used this?
UI looks fucking lush


Not free so technically maybe not the best thread for this but-

My 2 cents:

It looks neat and kinda novel, but what is it you really think it can offer? If you’re interested in exploring this kind of workflow there are plenty of other cheap and free alternatives - from tracker-style modular environments to simplified GUI modular environments and all stripes in between.

Also, most of the examples and songs posted for it sound kind of the same: short looped phrases layered and synced in fairly “normal” ways.


My bad I thought I read it was free.
Not really interested in it, reaper is the DAW for me. Just wondered if anyone had used it and what it was like, I thought it might be a case of style over substance…


Yeah, it’s less of a DAW then a sound creation environment you’d use alongside or in Reaper.

I use an iOS modular ting called Jasuto that actually does a lot of the same stuff but can get pretty deep pretty quickly for an iPhone app.


Ah OK cool. Think I’ll stick to samples for now! One program is enough to learn