Best Wobblers


Og pop pop is better I reckon


Wobbles are raw and on the edge of sounding a bit cheesy but it’s a hell of a banger!

Also this tune:


surprised this wasn’t posted yet


definitely rawer. mainly cos vip’s the version I have, heard it more

remembered this one as well


Somebody mix em.


I can’t find a download anywhere. If somebody has this please pm.


think it’s a dub


that doesn’t even wobble, it modulates downwards


If you have this plz send. :corncry:


(Original wobbles more but I prefer the VIP)




One of my favorites I think I made a similar mid bass the other day using Fm with a square wave carrier and modulator two octaves apart. Can’t pull it off tho sounds gash when I do it


was this officially released? discogs doesn’t help


It’s a dub think


How has nobody posted this one yet?

This one is relatively unknown in the grand scheme of wobblers, but still a percy



this release went by reasonably unnoticed but imo it was one of the sickest wobble eps from day. Stonk is a madtune and glowstick is absolute hype.



tunnidge dropped this one a long time ago in SF, set the place off, wish it came out for posterity sake