BLACK FRIDAY 2017 - Let's Gear

This thread is for info with all the best black Friday deals for gear this year! :surprised:

I somewhat lack the knowledge of these avenues, so that’s why I made this thread to get some insights. :cornlol:


If you know of any great website deals or other please share them with your DSF brothers and sisters. :love:

Thanks fam! aliendance

I hope Eventide puts on a sale of the Blackhole reverb.

They had a sale this spring but I didn’t get it because I got Ultra Reverb instead because I needed a bread and butter reverb.


I’m hoping for Sonarworks Reference 4.

Theyjust brought it out a few weeks ago though so who knows


i hope fab filter do something :tired_face:


is it this friday?

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Nope, it’s the last friday of November, which this year is November 24th.

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C’mon RME blowout event… :crossed_fingers:

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related: 50% sale on NI stuff

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Waves sale has already been going on for weeks…|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20

yay fab filter 25% off nov 24th-27th


You were mentioning delay plugins in the other thread, fab filter timeless is ridiculously good :wink:


ah sweet, I had looked at the videos for timeless before but they didn’t show anything particularly ‘dubby’…I’ll check out the 30 day trial version tho

underrated imo

Gah. I feel I have everything I need in terms of plugs, albeit I wouldn’t mind having Omnisphere legally seeing how much I use it.

It’s here!

Sonarworks 4 Headphone edition for me :slight_smile: 40% off and even cheaper still if you get it from US store instead of EU store woop

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