Bouncing Multiple Audio tracks in Live

I have a project with over 150 tracks. I have a vocalist coming over tomorrow to record some vocals so I want to bounce out everything but keep all the separate tracks.

I know I can Freeze multiple tracks but I have some of them in a groups. Live wont let you select tracks inside a group with tracks outside a group. So I cant select all the tracks I want to bounce down at the same time. I want to bounce everything in the group channels but not the group channels themselves. Is there a way to do this one click?

At the moment I’m going through each group channel bouncing the tracks inside. I don’t really want to sit there for half a hour babysitting loading bars again.

not having a solution for this but for the future i’d highly recommend not using 150 tracks? whats even on that tracks? how’s the mix supposed to sound with 150 different elements going on? maybe you should get into automating stuff and combining single shot sounds on tracks

just export the audio and select to export tracks instead of just only the master channel in the dialogue menu

I reckon it sounds like complextro.

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MorrisJessle is right I make complextro.

Still having that many tracks is not out of the ordinary at all. I do a bunch of layering and frequency splitting. Then there are all my buses. This project is a little big but from some of the videos I have seen of other producers having around 100 tracks is normal.

Anyway its not 150 elements playing at the same time. Consider if I wanted to make a impact for a breakdown. I would have to layer a Kick, a crash and clap just for one boom sound that only plays once or twice in the song.

Wouldn’t that bounce out all the channels inside a group together into one track? I want to keep control of the individual tracks inside the groups.

yes but to layer crash kick and clap you have a drumrack.

i mean if it works for you, go with it. just saying i get confused when i see projects with over 30 tracks

Oh yeah should have said… I don’t like to use drum racks. So all my individual drums have their own tracks.

I know that’s no the most efficient way to work but there are a bunch of reasons I do that.

you can make an audio track and set it to in from a bus on the I/O and export that audio track (or just turn off the midi/unbounced tracks) and you can still keep the other tracks.

Your surname is sick.

literally just had a seizure contemplating mixing down a 150 track tune


I like to think I use a lot of tracks, but I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 50 tbh.