Brutā„¢ šŸ—æ





What does this stand for?


Good Lookinā€™ Out. :sunglasses:


kids these daysā€¦

itā€™s a mix by a mate, so it wouldā€™ve been harder to ignore it :badteeth:


Big up yr m8. I left a comment linking to this thread too. Tell him to get at me and help spread the word - his playlist hipped me to some new shit I really dig. :bluethumb:


Found on 4chan lol




some fucking stellar albums in there though.



:fire: :love: :fire:

:arrow_double_up: listen

[BRUT] Petit Singe on NTS LDN (03.03.17)


God, so many releases and mixes picking this sound up latelyā€¦ good stuff. :bluethumb:

Swan Meat, Death Qualia, Petit Singe, Bonaventureā€¦ plus new stuff from Chino Amobi, Barlaā€¦ Mumdance and Shapednoise collaboratingā€¦

Everythingā€™s coming up Brutā„¢. :sunflower: :skull: :sunflower: :skull:

Big up Howl for pointing this out - Iā€™ve posted some singles farther up too.



Whoa. Swan Meat is prolific.


New Sd Laikaā€¦ :surprised:

SO happy heā€™s still releasing tunes.


#THIS = :fire:

Must-listen bizness.


new wwwings album


This EP deserves a mention. Also my friend worked on the artwork for this too lol


hahaha - the opening of that first track confused me for a second.

So on this.


Nice1 as well, just gave this a listen. Whereā€™s dude based out of?

This also gets :gunfinger: :fire: rating. This shit would go off SO well in a club. Iā€™d love to hear these on a system.