Burial appreciation



Yes actually feeling this! Finally Burial back on form!


jeeeezzzz that monic-deep summer remix is perfect burial ;’( now I wish I had the funds to get the 12… :confused:


Some guy realized he lives in burials old flat.

It’s in Hackney.


this is really interesting and I wish I wasnt the one saying it because im a broken record (with added vinyl noise)
but like the dance crowd in the uk is actually a tiny tabloid malicia

its fucking insane that a guy can remember the background from a burial pic

i dunno but it seems the same scrutiny as in the tabloids

but its cool for example how dizzy rascal, skinner and maybe even james blake got a mercury prize
(i mean the arts arent necessarily super concervative like most of the media - - should hold onto that)




Weak imo


uwot, indoors is a fuckin banger imo


Yup. Digging this. Pre-Dawn reminds me of something from a dusty old amnesia house tape you found in your mates mk2 golf from 1992


no comment


I like these more than the last couple releases he’s done fosho


Nah not liking it.


Fuck this guy

Don’t think i have ever read somthing as moronic as this

On the 10 year anniversary as well. I know I’m probs being really salty and pathetic about this but this album reached me more so than any other. The album wasn’t aimed at people like him (I know he is from the US so in no way could he really relate to what this album had to offer other than taking it on face value of a sad/emo dance album) . It was aimed at the people and dance music scene of the UK.

This enrages me.


the new do you even compress is maybe do you even tour


He’s probably the guy always asking for drugs at events.



^ any audio for this one yet? I fear it’ll just sound like a bug tune with some crackle

Put truant/rough sleeper on this evening :love:


This was posted on Reddit a week or so ago


Before the phonicarecords.com website deleted it, this was posted:
"‘Fog’ rolls along at a halftempo steppers’ tempo, submerged deep within the roots ‘n’ future aesthetic of The Bug’s finest beats, yet perfectly balanced by Burial’s hollowed out and haunted night land vision. ‘Shrine’ delves deeper inwards with the beats slowed to a crawl, the bassline hanging heavy in an atmosphere thick with smoke."



The bugs on it so it should be aight :lol_og: