Burial appreciation


Now available at RWDFWD with a clip of the A side




Really like both sides, although feel like my original statement still stands :badteeth:


Liking both sides too. Fog is so intense and Shrine is dark as fuck


I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me these were like extra tracks from the bug & earth album. Would never guess burial was involved in these tracks.

Good tunes though, really into this sort of stuff atm.



probs setting myself up for disappointment by being excited about this


WOW! As a Fabric subscriber for 13 years, I was wondering how they would manage to impress with both the 100th releases, but they really managed to pull it out the bag for this! Seriously excited!


Says its the last one as well. I have wondered how they would do 100!

So whats the fabric night to celebrate this gunna look like :thinking:


This the sickest cover aesthetic ever imo.


Track list gonna be all tech house


on this occasion we welcome kodeine & bumlol to give it a good try

we told them to delete those stems goldie sent them last time

(could be some rezzet, zomby jungle collabs on there - but everytime burial is on some homage type thing its not good is it? )


Homage is all of burial innit?


i think he owns whatever he samples

its when older men bring him stems its fucks off


Could be an old skool rave mix from Burial



Everywhere is reporting it’s the last one, but it’s not from what I understand.

I got a subscribers newsletter a couple weeks back and it says:
“Final arrangements for the post 100 era of fabric records are being put in place, and FYI – it includes digital AND physical products so don’t sweat.”

Something is changing, but they’re not stopping.

Also, this description of the Burial & Kode9 mix is very exciting…
“As such, the mix reaches into obscure corners and a disorienting range of tempos across its 37 tracks. Featuring artists from Africa, China, South America and Japan as well as the Europe and US, the mix draws from gqom, juke and footwork to trance, jungle and grime, as well as a wealth of material that defies categorisation. It sounds like it was stitched together from a box of unknown mixtapes found in the gutter.”


not heard these before

same tun, diff edit





kode9/burial 30min mix for mary ann hobbes

based off the first 4 tracks, looks like i might have preordered 4 x LP of happy hardcore :cornersault:


lol that’s why i didn’t pre-order - always a bit fishy when there’s no previews