Burial appreciation


oh dead, you have to make an account to listen back. fuck that


Lol cancel order m8 it sounds wack


i can listen without being logged in?

actually surprised i can listen at all, bbc stuff is usually blocked outside of uk

edit: finished listening, so first half is happy hardcore, second half is footwork

@cyclopian your pic needs updating, apparently burial is now happy hardcore boi lol

@Hibbie meh, guess i’ll resell to some desperate fanboi for a hefty profit if it turns out to be wack



i must just be retarded, but im not that fussed either way tbh


I actually used to own that. Wasn’t bad.
Love a bit of happy hardcore :slight_smile:


Happy hardcore is p b8 m8. I’d be faster getting into UK Donk unironically than harpy hardker


Its fully bait now but back in 93/94 when I got into it, it was ridic gut.

And sorry I’ve derailed the thread - back to Burial!





im blocking you from my life


Apparently this is the tracklist:
Untitled – Untitled [Unreleased]
Klein - Hurry [Unreleased]
Cooly G - Magnetic [Hyperdub]
Julz Da Deejay - Deaths Effect [Self-released]
Roman Rodney - Triple Beat [Self-released]
TLC Fam - Skim Sam (dbn dance) [Gqom Oh!]
Nazar - Konvoy [Hyperdub]
Lechuga Zafiro - Agua y Puerta [NAAFI]
Hyph11e - Black Pepper (Tzusing Remix) [SVBKVLT]
Luke Slater - I Can Complete You [Mute]
Virgin - B9 [Live Adult Entertainment]
Nut-E-1 - Underwater Fireworks [Bear Necessities]
David Hykes - Rainbow Voice [Harmonic World]
Jungle Buddha - Drug Me [Poetic Justice]
Black Acid - Black Acid [Rabit City Records]
Vladislav Delay - Otan Osaa [Huume]
DJ Spinn - Make Me Hot [Hyperdub]
Mr Fingers - Spy (Kode9 Remix) [Alleviated]
Scratcha DVA feat. Clara Le San - Pink 33 (DJ Phil Remix) [Hyperdub]
DJ Tre - A House Hybrid [Hyperdub]
TEDDMAN - Baby [unreleased]
DJ Rashad - Let It Go [Hyperdub]
ONTHEGROUND - Fallen [Nicz Records]
Intense - The Quickening [Rugged Vinyl]
Genecom - Polyphonic Raid [Planet Rhythm]
Clementine - The Opening [DJAX Records]
Victim Rebirth - Metamesonyxtia Narkogyra [Live Adult Entertainment]
Friends Lovers & Family - The Lift [Rising High]
AK1200 feat. Junior Reid - Junior’s Tune (Digital Remix) [BBSAK]
OKZharp & Manthe Ribane - Treasure Erasure [Hyperdub]
Ben Frost - Ionia (Jlin Remix) [Mute]
DJ Taye - Nu Summer Shit [Unreleased] / Babyfather - Prolific Deamons [Hyperdub]
Jacob’s Optical Stairway - Solar Feelings (Claude Young’s Kyoto Soul Dub) [R&S]
Proc Fiskal - Dishwashing [Hyperdub]
DJ Chap - Brujeria [Unreleased]
DJ Tre - A Hammond Jam [Hyperdub]
RP Boo - Wicked‘Bu [Planet Mu]


Untitled – Untitled [Unreleased] better be a Burial track or this is going to be heavy disappointing.


Hyph11e about to blow up from this! One of my favorite releases of 2017.


Clips are up on Bleep


Didn’t like a single track off that. Garbage.


Kinda funny theres maybe what 40second of a burial tune lol. Reeled everyone in with the name but it might aswell be a kode 9 mix


Omg bro soubd is liek, a weapon bruh. #wooklife


I’m not in the least bit excited for this release. And I don’t feel the least bit like I’m missing out.

Tru story.
Burial’s releases have suffered the law of diminishing returns quite severely.
Not that this is strictly a Burial release but nahmean,


The last good release was Truant/Rough Sleeper which was December 2012. The only good thing he has done since is that remix of Monic’s ‘Deep Summer’
Anything released 2013 onwards excluding the Monic remix is such poor form imo