Burial appreciation


It’s too familiar and formulaic these days. It seems to have lost that intimate emotional punch of the earlier releases.

It seems lost.


Maybe hes ironically trying to recreate the “loss of feeling” that occured during the brostep transition era of dubstep championed by that Rusko era guy “Rusko”.

Ideally zomby will tweet out in support of the release by acusing the majority of burial’s music’s fans of being narrowminded unwashed scum who dont get anything but have some hope of realizing they are retards within 6 years.

Be more meta guys, actual music is gay.


Sounds like a cool mix tbh, the Jlin track is sick, also who tf is David Hykes


even british dance music has that tabloidsy angle going
+kode 9 is a mild joe jackson


Full mix:

Starts off sick, twisted as fuk, hypnotic and just really good in general, then it gets to about 13 mins :lol_og:

I’ll listen again later lol