Can Anyone Help Deconstructing What Is In This Track?

Hi everybody! I’ve been following this forum and the old one for quite a while now and have always wanted to get involved and ask you all some questions, as it appears that there’s a serious wealth of knowledge in some of the heads around these parts.

So, if at all possible I was wondering if anyone could help me distinguish (and possibly recreate to an extent) some of the sounds featured in this track. No doubt in the future I will probably be asking much the same questions for other pieces of music but currently this one is becoming ‘a bit of an itch.’

1ST is what is happening at 0:15 where the synth seems to be having a reserve effect
2ND is the slight ‘popping’ sound at 0:20, 0:24, 1:51 2:05
3RD is what sort of synth is at 0:28
and 4TH is the background ‘bouncing’ sound that sounds like marble at 0:58, 2:06 etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I’m using Logic if that piece of information helps in any way. And also, if you haven’t heard the song, enjoy! :slightly_smiling:

Long attack on the synth

A sample, probably like a wooden percussion sound played back much slower than realtime

Pulse/saw type synth - you could probably make the same sound pretty easy in your favourite vst synth

Probably another percussion sample, this time with a low pass filter on it with the tops filtered out.


thanks brother :slight_smile: much appreciated. since i started producing last year people like you have been a massive help so once again, thanks (Y)