Can I get feedback on this? [Update 2/2/16]

It would really be appreciated, I don’t have Internet anymore and have to use public wifi to get on, and falk with people. Thank you in advance forum.

sounds unique lol

Im hoping that’s a good thing lol

id consider trying to sound more like everybody else or ppl will think ur weird lol

anything constructive?

nah i dont really know anything

You make some very snipey comments. How much ground are you breaking these days?

:frowning: I need something to take back to the daw

haha lol omfg so edgy… if you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t reply.
in all fairness i don’t think the track sounds very different at all

i wasn’t talking to you

now now boys
man wants feedback

I like the fade in
the sub’s meaty
the wobble is weighty
and it’s nicely minimal
with some interesting pauses
defo more proppa than bro/trap

not sure about the qualities of the core “sawing” figure
yes you’ve modulated it a bit towards the end
and it is a distinctive sound
but, on computer speakers at least, it sounds a bit too tinny
and needs more nuance & complexity imo
without necessarily being chainsaw as in your track “Virgo”

keep it up Fun Par(k)
I think you’re on the right track
you seem to be channelling the early Coki/Cotti/Cyrus/Moving Ninja vibe
and have an appreciation of what I call “stateliness”.

You think adding in another sound on top will take away from the tiny feeling and fill in the gap?

I wouldn’t add anything
I’d just make the sawing more subtle, less jagged.

I didn’t want to spam with a new post, but here is another song. Did I improve on what was wrong in my last one?

Ya this is pretty dope man… if your still about changing it around… I would agree with the guy up there ^^ tinny… you need a lower mid on that … so maybe match it up with something similar but lower. Maybe a bit more reverb on just the mids… intro is perfect on it.