oi oi who’s going carnival

anyone got recommendations for soundsystems

probably just wander round and drink rum and see what happens

  • was there ever a dedicated dubstep one back before dubstep was a pariah, not that i need 1 just curious, seems like it’d be natural for vivek or someone

should be, usually do both days but depends how system goes lol .

Sir Loyds is good just up from Channel one for more errr dance vibes I guess, swear Ive accidentally seen chase and status there 3 years in a row haha…
Seen Benji B, mirss dynamite and that so usually decent.

Usually just end up there cos walking around is a fucking nightmare.

Went to Rinse last year and it was meh.

Deviation are on at Disya Jeneration sound system. Rampage is straight grime and garage but the atmosphere there is fuckin’ horrible. If I go I always make a bee line for Channel One. Good thing there is if it’s too packed then Lord Ambassador is just over the road, and they’re great. Wandering about isn’t a great plan as it is massive and you will inevitably get swept up in the crowd.

Oh yeah theres loads of folks doing stages now. That would be worth breaking tradition for i reckon. Wheres that based?

Just off Talbot road by the looks of it

Wheres that in relation to channel 1? thats how i know where the fuck I am aha

Actually really close as it happens, Ch1 is 4 and Disya is 8

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Sweet! thanks

Yeah I’d avoid walking around too much, once it gets busy the police start cordoning areas off and the whole thing gets very frustrating.

check Saxon sound for some decent rubadub & dancehall

yeah i wanna check saxon

quite shit of me but i’ve lived in ldn all my life and only been once…just kinda chilled out and didn’t worry about seeing anything was good

sick ^ in the middle it goes into the perfect mix of b8 carnival wheels like zed bias or 138 trek

i had a good time btw, got it totally fucking wrong, took the overground and ended up the wrong end of carnival so walked like 3 hrs and a mile in the wrong direction trying to find our mate, by the time i was really getting into it all the music stopped ha

had to take a full day+night in bed after

Learned over the years not to fuck about going everywhere, take one of the millions of shitey canvas tote bags ive got as a backpack will drive you nuts and I avoid the food after a goat curry one year that ruined me.

I ended up going via Central line to Notting Hill gate (I swear that is usually closed) and then walking more or less straight to channel one the went to Deviation.

Cant remember who I saw outside of Benji B with D Double but it was basiclaly just loads of Uk Funky and Jungle.

Monday I didnt get there till 3 odd but went to the usuall one of Sir Loyyd. Its pretty bait but a friend was desperate to go there on the sunday so we went.
Ended up seeing Shy Fx b2b one guy from chase and status, My new leng, Jaguar Skillz (Lol.) and the most bizzare twist of all was the final set from Craig David, who Dj’d while sinigng over his own instrumentals.

No aggro really, found an iphone 6 that i got back to the owner, saw some of the floats and drank alot of Kraken Rum in the sun :gunfinger:
One of ch3s mates said shes seen like Shuan Paul and Shaggy at diffrent spots last year, I probably should make an effort after 4 years to go see some “proper” stuff.

Sean Paul would be vibes though.

Yeah for sure, its just never announced so you dont really know whos where and when. Supposedly Skepta played somewhere and I only know cos of twitter for example