CDR | The Night Of Ideas + Tracks In The Making | This Wednesday | Shy One, Violet + Tasha

Not sure where to put as kind of relevant in a number different groups but might be interesting to producers + label heads.

The next CDR event has just gone up, anyone been down to one before? They used to do it at Plastic, then Dance Tunnel and now they’re at Miranda and Rye Wax. I went to the last one they did at Miranda before 2016 w/ Project Pablo and it was good!

The idea is you submit your tracks and they get played over a nice big system and you can listen and get some feedback from people etc etc - it’s super chill and not a bad place to meet some new people

Submission for the next one on the 25th is open now i’m probs gonna send a few tracks in tonight

Submission for traxxxxxx!

Next CDR just announced for the south LDN dons - Minor Science on the artist workshop panel! Tickets on the door, submission for trax open now too!

x3 on the panel this week :slight_smile: