Chronic - ATYL (Future)

I’m back - It’s been a long time. I brought Reason 8 when I finished my degree to get back to production. I’m still making that deep music, but not 140bpm for this particular track.

I think the future bass genre, if that’s what it’s called, is taking over post-dubstep.


this is nice man, like how the synth elements float in and out, then the piano bits nice and the different synth at the end too. nice layers, good drums too

Thanks man appreciate it!

This is really nice, I’m feeling the guitar.

Some little pitched vocal chops here and there with a nice spacey delay would go well with this i think

Nice one buddy!

If only I could actually use vocals… haha – one day hopefully.

It’s not that hard, what software are you using?

Basically, get an acapella, slice it (your DAW probably has a function for this), then load it into a sampler (like the Dr. Rex in Reason for example)

Now each slice of the sample should have it’s own key on your keyboard. Now you can just button bash and play rhythms over the top of your loop until you stumble on somthing that sounds cool.