Circadian Rhythms [NTS]

New forum, new thread.


Will try and re-post the old shows on here at some point as well, but if you can’t wait the s/c is

PLATA ‘KRU’ w/ (MssingNo Remix) 12" is down to the very last 6 copies!
link to cop the last ones is here:


just ordered that reload comp for the d double collab safe

Big up! Have they shared the link for the order? Cud u send it to me please?

you guys know if they released that Plata/Mssingno - Kru release on digi yet?

last show was biiiig

it came out as free dl but only if u bought the plate i think, not sure they’re doing digi

I don’t think they’ve sent out the free dls, me and my mate both texted our order numbers to the number but we don’t have dls yet. I think they’re waiting for it to sell out.

If anyone bought it but doesn’t have the facilities to record a rip pm me and I’ll send you mine.

yo they sent out the dls like week or 2 ago man, i don’t know why they gave the mobile phone number thing, they sent it to my paypal email not the 1 i texted them ages ago


Digital and 12" Vinyl 06-03-2017 and that’s just the first drop.

Watch the trailer for Toasty ‘Metal’ here:

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