Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" b2b Mans on deck

I don’t know anything about electric guitars and bass, so the Joe Meek might be good for that. There are plenty of GearSlutz threads on Joe Meek and FMR products, so the opinions are out there.

That being said…I took Nowaysj’s advice and I usually record everything with a little compression. I think it makes a pretty big difference, just a little squeeze on the way in ;p

Yea it can really help make your sound more solid and more workable at the same time. Deffo with bass guitar

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I had a JM VC3 years ago- one of the stranger bits of lower-end gear out there. mic pre, opto compressor, high-end distortion “exciter.”

the one thing thing it did well was tabla-- the exciter really brought out the harmonics, and the compressor did nice stuff to the low end.

I sold it for what i bought it for, as it seemed i’d grown out of it-- but damn, i’d totally use that all the time these days on anything thats’ mostly midrangey, with transients that need to be tamed but stay present, and could use some low end magic. stabby synth parts especially.

so yeah-- the JM stuff is not “normal” gear, and it’s not really high end, but when you find the sweet spot-- they can be really rewarding.


Thanks for that : ) I’ll give my MC2 a shot on some hand drums and anything mid-range ish. Its going to be an all hardware summer cuz I’m a tnuc like that lol…

You DAW boys will have me beat for mix downs…but I’ll be sweatin’ and jamming having a good old time

(sorry, I’m drunk, carry on!)


I think I’ll get a RNC just becuase it’s probably all around more useful and I can run two signals thru at once. The Joe meek may sit in my book marks tho cos I’d like a little opto compressor

266xl is also a great allround compressor. Goes for little money I think.


@fragments how do you like the OTO Biscuit?
Have been looking for one on ebay for ages…

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x2 KRK Rokit 6-inch
2011 Mac Pro
Ableton Launch Pad
Korg m50
Ableton 9
Presonus Audiobox (cheap as shit)
Superlux HD 681 (also cheap as shit)


the biscuit is a beast…it’s going to be pretty pricey for most people…it has a vibe all its own…now it also has an 8 bit synth mode…which I have never explored…surprisingly good delay…all the distortion options and bit crushing…it really wants to be tweaked live rather then “set and forget” though you can easily use it that way. also the step filter is a beast for making midrange growl sounds

most of the demos are on drums…but I rarely use it on drums myself…not that it doesn’t sound great on drums…just prefer it on synths

It would be cool if people hid themselves like waldo in these studio pics from now on !




I would make some robotic terror in that flat

looks vera dope if a lil dark in the pics

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any of you guys use guitar pedals in your set up, what kind of input box would you need to use that with ableton in a laptop? got a bunch of stuff like tube overdrive, delay, big muff fuzz, flange kicking about at home from my guitar days that i’d like to use in the future

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You’d need an audio interface ofc and ideally a DI (direct inject) box (for guitar) to get the signal/impedence up to line level. If you plan on using these pedals to affect sounds already within ableton, obv you’d have to go out of the lappy, through the pedals and back in again, so you’d need an interface with external sends/returns or inserts

big muff fuzz sounds fun btw :joy:

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my uncle builds guitar fx

really need to get in on this sooooon too

but what about camelphat will it get upset ?

oof complicated thanks

ye so good they named an album after it


Mudhoney are like the only grungeish band I really like

Cool story bro

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i really really love ten by pearl jam, most nirvana too, think i do prefer mudhoney and before era alt rock/punk

Oh I didn’t count nirvana in that