Classical heads ii


So good. The percussive qualities are immense – without any dedicated percussive instruments.


and those polyrhythms… just lovely from beginning to end


#43 masterpiece


still getting over seeing Stefan Dohr performing with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra the other night. unbelievable skill. got to hear Beethovens’ Overture to The Creatures Of Prometheus live for the first time ever which was nice.



just wow… insta chills
extra chills if you watched the movie… 3 times like me lol


Been on a John Adams vibe since his old mate Edo de Waart has been conducting his music for the NZSO this season. Shaker Loops and Naive and Sentimental Music earlier this year with Short Ride in a Fast Machine in a fortnights time opening a night followed by Bruch’s 1st Violin Concerto and Beethoven’s 7th, big choons!

The Dharma at Big Sur, Part I: A New Day
The Dharma at Big Sur, Part II: Sri Moonshine



Wow… Love that cello. So beautiful even If I hadn’t watched any of the episodes.



Went to this last week:

The second piece was this:

Can’t really describe the experience adequately. Intense, mesmerising and all that. You can get tickets for like a tenner if you’re in London.


Seen William Basinski perform yesterday. Even though it isnt technically classical, it was so fun, because it was my first real ambient concert