Cost of vinyl shipping to USA?

So I’m selling a few plates, guy from the US hits me up saying he wants some, just wondering if anyone can help me a long with a rough price of postage?

And do I just take them to the post office?

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It’s around 7-8 gbp for one record (unsure about when the weight increases) if you don’t do that signed for delivery thing, which brings it to around 14 gbp. The signed for delivery thing is useless unless you really don’t trust the guy you’re selling to. I’d say don’t go for that as no one wants to pay $20 USD for shipping

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Here registered delivery is also insured up to about 400 squids.

do you mean courier? i’d say post office but you should check with someone from the UK.

basically every record i’ve gotten from the UK has a royal mail stamp on it (which is what you’d call “the post office” right?), so i’d say go for that.

Yeah sorry bro, spelling isn’t on point at all :confused:

you just go to the post office, but its pretty expensive like £8 a record. Can only get like First class air mail so photograph it at the postoffice and shit

@Johnlenham, am i right in thinking that the signed for delivery thing is completely worthless? Assuming we’re talking about a paypal transaction (via discogs or otherwise), as long as you keep the receipt from when you shipped it (or even take extra precautions like pictures), this is the way I understand it would play out if the buyer claims they never got the record, but let me know if i got it wrong, i just wanna have this settled.

  • buyer complains to paypal
  • paypal contacts the seller and asks for proof of postage
  • seller scans and emails paypal the receipt and/or pictures and whatever else
  • paypal then contacts the post office to see if they lost it
  • post office admits to losing it and pays paypal who then compensates the buyer, or…
  • post office doesn’t admit to losing it in which case paypal compensates the buyer anyway due to their customer protection policy thing.

point is, as long as the seller keeps the receipt, there’s no way that the seller or buyer can get fucked over as long as they used paypal. so the whole signed for delivery thing, which DOUBLES the shipping cost, is basically a scam as far as I can tell.

not to mention, why would it cost an extra £7 for the mailman to simply walk up to the door and get a signature? i’d bet the mailman doesn’t see any money from that, so royal mail is just charging more simply because they can.

i don’t get why so many UK sellers fall for signed delivery (assuming what I said above is true). whenever i order from a UK seller off discogs, I ask them to wave the signed for delivery thing and they always have in my experience. and i’ve never had a record get lost anyway, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

i’m guessing the signed at delivery thing is to make sure the person actually receives the package? don’t you guys have the option to just get a notice in the mail and go pick up the package whenever you feel like it?

yes, it’s so the buyer can’t say they didn’t receive the package when they actually did. but paypal covers that already with the buyer protection policy, so why double your shipping costs?

yeah, you can do that. i think if you’re not home they might just come back the next day or something too, but regardless, i don’t see the point of it.