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Podcast 8, Sleeper…


Oxossi’s release is sick. sleeper gonna pull a number on us here


Anyone know the correct way to pronounce his name?
I always say “Oshossey”.


I always say it Ox- osseey but I have no clue how its actually pronounced.


I’ve heard some DJ on radio pronounce it like that…might have been Joe Nice, can’t remember, defo ain’t pronounced like its spelt tho


he says “Osh-os-i” in the mix where he played Reflections

just the x = sh really

that tune coming out soon btw?


So he says the ‘i’ as ‘eye’?



You’d rather open a new tab, look it up, open the article, copy the url, and come back here, and then paste the link, than say yes or no?


Think its ‘i’ as in ‘eee’, i think u pretty much nailed the pronunciation when u first questioned the pronunciation



He has a few other proper wonky tunes that myself and @riddles have. The accordion one Joe Nice plays (forgot the name) and a James Blake remix especially.


spread the love bro? :badteeth:


The JB remix really rubs me up the wrong way.
I dunno, maybe his stuff just isn’t my bag.


go cop that




oh hell yes, been feeling that tune Reflections since like the fall


I played an early version of Solace a while back in a backroom at a larger gig and like 1/3 the room walked out, and the other 2/3 went nuts. This new stuff is pretty polarizing


that, errr, mc should stick to his dayjob.


Crucial Podcast 008 d/l link and track list

Sleeper - Akai Headbutt
BunZer0 - See A Specialist
Causa - Monkey Jam
Samba - Light Leak
Moonstones - Yen Pox
Oxossi - The Mute
Headland - Steady
Dayzero & Karnage - Untitled
Sleeper - Ghosts
Eva808 - Loner
Causa - Cruel Record
Samba - Sadist
Sleeper - Seagulls
Causa - Minerals
Eva808 - Psycho Sushi
Moonstones - Inland
Samba - Turbulence
Sleeper - Crushin
Rocks FOE - Law
Samba - Un
AJ Tracey - Spirit Bomb
Soloman - Bokeh (Thelem Remix)
District - Drowsy
Sleeper - Girl Scout Cookies
Oxossi - The Tempest