Crucial Recordings


Crucial Recordings
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The EVA808 12 will be up at 7pm GMT


do you know which tracks? been wondering about that “Wake Up” tune for a while.


it’ll be these ones famalam


Had to cop this one man, what a plate.


Bagged it as well, heavy plate.

I hope some of her older beats will be released one day or another, though. Badly need some Old School Ninja in my life.


Arnt these the same tunes?

EVA808 - Selekta


LAS - Staricase

Is EVA808 more than 1 person? Or did LAS not credit them in the mix?


reckon they just made a mistake with the tracklisting, tried listening thru to see if there are 3 or 4 tracks (thinking they just left the eva808 one out of the listing) between Square Off and How ya Feel, but it’s really hard to tell, sounds like it could be anything from 3 to 6…


Think your right, groundwire #28 LAS credits EVA808 Selekta.


Podcast 9 is online:

#71 :eyes:


edit: tracklist and dl link

Oxóssi - Saut Dans Le Vide
Trisicloplox - Read The Bones
Samba - Malignant
Like Lions - Warhorns
Samba - 36’s
Samba - Sadist
Samba - Sadist (Trisicloplox Remix)
Samba - Un
Samba - Blister
Trisicloplox - Encumberred
AJ Tracey ft YGG - Redbull (Chokez Remix)
Proxima - Trapped
Sleeper - Seagulls
Headland - Vacuum Stance
Trisicloplox - Gloom
Oxossi & Malleus - Amongst The Hemlock
Manta - Zealot
Samba - F’n
Ceiva - Thyboron
Samba - Sssins
∆ - III
Sleeper x Jamakabi - Civil War 2016
Skrude - Old Friend




MOONSTONES & Saule - Triple Threat
Causa - Minerals
Oxóssi - Escher
Sleeper - Holy Guacamole
Causa - Untitled
D£DW8 - Stoopafly
Hapa & Herzeloyde - Encryption
GRAMZ - Sodie Poppin
Rocks FOE - Law
Paint - Zatoichi
Oxossi - Fall Of Mevia
Distance ft Beezy - Betrayal
D£DW8 - Whatchukno
Flowdan - Horror Show Style (Sleeper Remix)
Sleeper x Thelem x Mesck - Strawberry Cough

J Dilla - Stop
Mesck - Johnny, Are You A ghost?
Saule - Suede [Mesck Remix]
DMVU x Dalek One - Asmodeus’s Gold
Mesck - The Veil
Mesck - Slang Suffocate
Akcept - Acid Spitter
Sleeper x Mesck - Fukka
Mesck - Doomsayer
Mesck - Hidden Chain
Jonah Freed - Time Dilation
Mesck - Psychodrama
Mesck - Badfuture
Sleeper x Mesck - Ghettonomics



crucial 010 pre-orders up


Strawberry Cough is a big tune, the rest is not all that imo.


its a bit trappy…fukka is pretty heavy tho


Really rate that forthcoming!!


Oh shit fam!

That new Oxossi EP is gonna be one hell of a four-tracker! This beat is on top!


ye thats big


sounds so similar to kahn and neek