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As you all know, from the first episode of our ‘VINYL ONLY’ series, we’re all about pushing the boundaries. Well, our second instalment is something that will seriously blow your mind.
We’re proud to announce that Youngsta, Commodo*, Gantz, Mikael and Riz La Teef will be all be joining us in room 1. Bandulu’s Hi5ghost & Boofy along with Converge - London will be holding it down in room 2 alongside their residents Jook, Riddles and Badger.
ALSO, we can’t express how incredibly excited we are to have another 2 very very special guests joining us. 1 of which will be performing a ONE-OFF set and an exclusive 2005-09 set, you will seriously be lost for words…keep your eyes peeled!

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Converge London


Woiii! Big up everyone involved. Its gonna be a mad one!


yeah yeahhhhh


Bought my ticket

:gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


wait for the one of the special guests, trust me. pulled off a mad one for the 2nd headliner


roll on payday tbh need a ticket


After promising ridiculous line ups we thought it was only right to bring back a great within the scene. It is with immense pleasure and a huge honour to announce that the legendary D1 will be performing a ONE OFF, EXCLUSIVE 2005-09 SET!

LAS will also be making the trip from Finland with Mikael to play a 2 hour back to back set.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, one of dubstep’s originators GHOST (EL-B) will be playing a DUB PLATE set, completing our breathtaking line up.

See you all in the dance!


absolutely heinous, so tempted


just copped my ticket, fucking D1! huge line up

respect for linking up with the converge lads too



Do it, these sort of lineups never happen anywhere.


yeah if you never saw d1 now is your chance. he’s pretty adamant this isn’t the ‘return of d1’, just a one off set.


Gonna try and convince my mate next time I see him


Fuck that roll solo m8, I am.


just clocked i can get a discounted ticket, fuck it im going


Haha that isnt strictly true is it!
Going to be a load of the Converge lot inside!


Yeah not entirely true haha, but don’t be discouraged cause m8s ain’t going just hang out with us lot!


This is gunna be a mad one, D1 is silliness


Silly line-up, I’ve waited years to see D1 live but alas not cash



I’m there! Never seen D1, one of the few original crew who I still haven’t. Proper excited for this!