Ctrl Sound Official Thread


Queue was a bit fucked, got there at 20:45 but didn’t get in till half 9. Room 1 and 2 didn’t have enough weight which was a shame. Also packed af so didn’t bother seeing deleted scenes/D1 since it was too much effort to get out.

That being said youngsta b2b j:kenzo was fucking sick, really enjoyed myself during that set, wish they could’ve turned up the subs a bit though. Still, good night big up the ctrl crew, all the ninjas that came out and of course all the DJs


Fucking sick night all in all. Mala b2b Joe Nice was sardinia but tbh that’s what I was expecting, saw the start and end of their set, in the middle I watched Deleted Scenes and Turner cos it was just too rammed.

Youngsta b2b J:Kenzo was great, good to hear Roteks VIP again!

Set of the night for me though was Chef, glad I stayed for that, jungle for the last hour was OK (no surprises really, just well known tunes mixed together well), but the first hour was 140 and he absolutely smashed the place to bits. It surpassed even his set at System birthday this year, he played a great mix of very old (lost Coki and Benga dubs) and very new (Kromestar bangers). It was very heavy and psychedelic.

Met some really sound people big up.

Bun the Fire / Lightbox sound engineers who kept turning RC1 down.


yeah i guess they had a noise limit

but yeah they kept teasing rc1 and then having it on low : /
my mate was so vexed about that

could have done with some stacks in room 1 of lightbox, a bit weak by comparison and a little underwhelming for deleted scenes who were playing some v strong tunes. heard a lot of good shit, skipped most of mala and joe nice cos it was too rammed

cyrus and darkside was so sick, great mixture of early days dubstep and grime, like macabre unit type beats

left before 4 which was a shame, too tired to carry on but v gutted to miss chef, d1, yung kenzo etc


That’s a shame mate, Yunx vs Kenzo and Chef were the 2 best sets that I saw. Chef was on another level I swear. Checked out D1 for a bit but wasn’t feeling his selection particularly



Very decent night for a fiver. I had to bounce just as youngsta dropped the monsoon remix, no surprise to hear the rest of the set was big, nor Chef. If it really was better than System i am truely gutted as that was prob the best set ive ever seen.
Was on a sober one and the constant traffic streams just do your head in after a while. And it smells like sewage at the back of room 1. Maybe one of the ket victims had done a shit in the bin.
As always the sound was good when they let it go briefly before reeling it in. Wasn’t really hitting deep in your chest as you’d hope for. Cyrus with the sublow/blackops selection…yes.
Joe Nice is probably the best party DJ about for me. Constant smashers aside from the ‘classics’ trappy bootleg things. Mala had a few highlights. Funny that Joe was the one dropping his classics, unique situation lol.
Had a brief excursion to room 3, Turner was killing it in there. Big up him.
Would’ve been lucky to bump into any of you in there but I hope everyone had a good one. Mirren I’m genuinely gutted for you!


Was there some lean forward remix that Joe nice/mala played. Don’t think I’m imagining that but I’m not too sure


Yeah pretty sure I heard that too, sounded huge. Under control Truth remix was a madness too, had never cared for it up until last night


Sick night, chef is a madman. (Got sooooooo gassed up when he played natural charge)

Obviously the RC1 could have been cranked up way way more but the venue were having none of it. They had been getting residential complaints in the last couple of months so we’re taking no chances on their license. So that was a bit unfortunate, having said that tho it still sounded ridiculous and I can safely say everyone would have been extremely disappointed if we had just left the standard funktion 1 system in there. No regrets on bringing it in at all. I was chatting to Jon (RC1 dude) through out the night and he was just saying it’s nearly impossible to find a venue in London where you can let it loose. Even Electric Brixton aren’t keen on having RC1 back in there…
When we find a venue with no restrictions we will be getting rc1 back in 1000% and making sure it’s cranked up.

Putting a system in the Lightbox main room is impossible as we found out when we had Goth-Trad. The walls are made of some cheap shitty wood and it rattles ridiculously when there is any kind of bass.

Overall, the best party we have ever put on and I’m very proud to have put that lineup together! Mala B2B Joe was one for the history books. Incredibly intense 3 hours. So many dubs. Shout out to slimzee as well, thought his set was amazing. Thanks to everyone for coming, hope to see you at the next one…


I’m so sorry about this man, we have absolutely zero control over the security and their decision is final so even if we had known we wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. If you are EVER in London around any of our events message me and we’ll completely sort you out: drinks, VIP, queue jump ETC ETC.


Chefs just standardly the best DJ - seen him on the oldies twice in the last month & its nuts everytime.

Youngsta & Kenzo was better than I thought it’d be. Youngsta obviously blending tracks like a hooligan from the first tune. Left Kenzo in the Nandos up the road.

Top A Top into Spongebob was a nice big room blend - well received somewhat. Missed most of Deleted Scenes sadly, would like to see them again properly.

Thx for having us ! Well good fun with Riddles & Badger in room 3, playing jokes tracks from ‘lounge dubstep’ , bargain bin garage, acid & then some jungle


I forgot about Slimzee’s set! I caught about half an hour of it and it was really, really good, very tight mixing compared to when I’ve seen him before and his Boiler Room videos

Big up for putting this night on, can’t imagine the work that must have gone into it

I didn’t have to queue at all this time, it was pretty great. Big downs to the bouncer who confiscated my chewing gum though :frowning:

Also shout out to the guy who travelled all the way from Canada only to get kicked out really early on for blazing in the smoking area lol


Yeah man Turner killed it, spoke to him briefly, really safe guy as well.

Chef’s set was monumental man. Played a lot of the same older dubs he did at System, but also some I didn’t recognise from that set, and then some newer tunes towards the end as well (mostly Kromestar dubs). I might be wrong but I don’t think a single tune he played has seen a release (until he started the jungle hour). Light One into Jah Power Dub was too much.


uh london is dead.


lmao do you just keep tabs on this thread so you can pop in and make little snide remarks every now and then?


Jo man safe no hard feelings whatsoever
Knew it was over the moment he said it …nothing to be done about (read/heard a lot about the bouncers lets say they exceeded my expectations hahaha)
Just never expected that to happen haha the guy being cold af 2
Wont be going London any time soon but if I do Ill let you know! Shouldve gone straight to corsica after tho still regrtting that a bit

Nice reading it was great! Just shut up about Slimzees set guys hahahaha no seriously pls


mala has been playing one for a while, think it’s Kromestar’s? original is better if we mean the same one tho


That’s the one I think

There’s a couple of decent recordings of it being played on the night on youtube


Shame I couldn’t be there, Joe nice is pretty hilarious all-round. Did they give him a mic or was he screaming into the crowd?

Deleted scenes as well, missing that was loooong.

I’ll take solace in the fact I was diving with sharks at the time


sounds like usual vauxhall crowd tbh