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Yeah that’s the one


what you mean?


Caught most of Deleted Scenes as room 1 was way too busy during Mala and Joe Nice. Selection was pretty big but the system in Light Box is so wack, hardly any weight at all, especially in the lower frequencies. Kind of wish I stayed in room one as the system blew it out of the water, even with the sound restrictions in place.


is stuff like this common occurence in london? was thinking of making the trip next year for a big london line-up like system or another ctrl sound, but this makes me reconsider :confused:


Depends on the venue, London is stricter than most cities in the UK though for that sort of thing. It can be hard to get away with blazing, even in smoking areas as bouncers are usually patrolling them. That said my mate said he saw Wu Tang Clan at Brixton Academy and loads of people were smoking inside with no fucks given by the bouncers.

Before the smoking ban it was much easier to get away with, for obvious reasons.


Just smoke a spliff before and spray yourself when you’re done


i reckon big gig venues are easier, when you got 2500-3000 people all in one room you’re less likely to charge in and grab people than in a smoking area with like 80 people max… when i worked at a big o2 venue there’d be people playing like The Game where the place would stink of weed and the security wouldn’t do shit

i thought it seemed like different types of people do gigs and clubs. reckon the security at nightclubs are usually a bit more pro, like more about getting physical, a lot of venue security seem to act more as stewards

tbh it doesn’t seem worth it almost anywhere in LDN cos fuck getting booted out over a spliff

for this reason
RIP THE DOME + their lazy ass security team


what was up with glowsticks being sold for £1, got given one and the woman was like do you have any money and i gave her like 20p and she was like nah a £1 then took it off me



Yeah don’t come to London and try an smoke a joint in the smoking area lol
r u dumb?

The only place I’ve ever seen people get away with it was the dome (even then you had to hide it and if caught they snatched and stamped it out) or at the events in ewer street (like DMZ 8) cos it was so big there was no chance they could reach you.


Tbf I only saw security like once or twice near the front so you could have probably got away with it there


One day we’ll put on an event where everyone’s happy…

Remember promoters have no power when it comes to security on the night. The venue have the last say on everything.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one though, I think we have found somewhere with no sound restrictions… cough RC1 cough


? You mean inside? Well yea even here that ain’t the easiest (depends on the club/night tho)
Also iirc both times I went they warned for smoking because otherwise they would shut it down haha (the last Mala one and the Youngsta one)

also no worries JB94 theres dickhead ppl everywhere shxt is bound to happen can’t please em all

edit; wtf getting badges for quoting haha jokes


did the dome have a smoking area? i remember an elevated ‘stage’ type area on the right side, bathrooms on the left… and some legit looking curtains lol. no smoking area

or you mean getting away with it inside?


Originally you just went back out onto the street, then a smoking area was opened up at the bottom of the stairs ahead from the entrance.

@JB94 anything negative in my post is fully directed at the venue. You guys pulled off a wicked event from your end, and even with the restrictions that system was probably the heaviest in London that night.


Shit I got lucky then, didn’t realise they were so on it with the smoking that night, I bought 3 J’s and smoked em all during Mala/Joe Nice, can normally get away with it if the rooms packed like others have said, didn’t even chance the smoking area tho.

Big ups @JB94, cheers for a banging night, met some safe people, BIG tunes, and gave Mala some cigarretes so got to chat to him and Pokes for a bit


Yeah inside, I’ve never been to the smoking area or had any idea where it was for the full duration of System running there haha


I missed a trick there. Mala was the only guy I tried to speak to that night who wouldn’t give me the time of day. Next time I’ll bribe him with cigarettes lol. Pokes was cool as fuck though as usual. Had a little skank with him when Youngsta & J:Kenzo were playing


I heard him screwing about not having cigarettes as soon as I got into the smoking area so offered him one, was definitely a good icebreaker, gave him another one cos he was cool for a photo. Haha yeah Pokes is so safe, I left around half 6 and because it’s like a maze in there and I was pretty waved I couldn’t find my way out (jokes), bumped into Pokes, he showed me the exit and went “YOU ARE FREEEEE!!!” with a massive grin. He seems genuinely happy to still be doing what he does.

Soz for the long post, it all came flooding back haha




My world is crumbling


he smokes them so they can’t harm u :grouphug: