Ctrl Sound Official Thread


Mala smoked for your sins


Nah it’s cool, I like hearing these stories! Yeah I’ve met Pokes a few times over the years he’s always safe as fuck. He seemed like he was having a great time haha. I bumped into him in the corridor when I was waved as well. He started chatting to me then he encouraged me to follow him into the main room so we could have a bit of a skank to Yunx b2b Kenzo.

Mala seemed proper moody wouldn’t even acknowledge me lol, I was still sober at that point too. But I didn’t take it personally, he probably had goons like me trying to pester him all night.

I spoke to Joe Nice, N-Type, Sepia and Turner at various points and they were all cool guys. N-Type is a banter machine lol (he didn’t play but was there to show his support)


Digital menthols


Thought I saw N-type up the front in one of the rooms, yeah ive heard he’s a proper joker