Ctrl Sound Official Thread


Where’s Karma on that bill!?



Ho shit, D1 is making new music


Think the tickets for this are almost gone yano! would advise not sleeping any longer!



CTRL SOUND first radio show tomorrow on mode fm, Notts next week w/ compa + jack sparrow, Vinyl only 02 11th March and Horizon stage takeover the day after.
Looking for 140/bass promos. Hit me up on here or jack_ctrlsoundbookings@outlook.com



(anyone on here that wants cheaplist, hit me up! got 5 spaces left on it…)


2mora! Anyone going to a pub before?


Who’s reaching?


Man i am hyped for this! Come say hi to us if you’re about, me @Jook @badger and @Johnlenham will be having a party in room two!


Stamina cru

They announced sound for this? Have a good one u orrible lot


From what I remember, Fire brought in some more subs and re arranged room 1.


every time i see this thread i read it as “CTRL vinyl only” lol


So so excited for tonight.


silly line up guys! Have a good one,
will reach out for this one day too (just put it in a weekend w/ an other big line up to biggen the odds ^_^)


See every1 insideeee, gunna attempt a pre-rave nap. Hope the queue isn’t a madness wanna catch lenham drop some fela kuti haha!


Line was extremely long last time and moved slowly, took me 45mins+ to get it.


Really?! What time was that? Think it’s worth getting there at half 10/10:45 then?


Unannounced guest, I put karma? And they put :slight_smile: so good feeling it’s him! He was on radio w/ LAS and mikael earlier so good chance it’s him


tonight was banging, el-b, commodo, youngsta, d1 all in a row

was wow

d1 played a couple bits i didn’t know at the end (b4 closing with mind and soul, great shout) that just blew every1s fucking mind

shame about gantz wtf happened there sp:mc said the po sent him back to turkey (???)

youngsta dropped crack bomb remix.


so they fly LAS and Mikael all the way from Finland only to pair them with a couple of clueless gits on the mic? fuck’s sake…

and yeah, shame about gantz… but compa delivered the goods, imo. what an great DJ.

commodo dropping top a top was :ok_hand: