Ctrl Sound Official Thread


Good night then?


Average (na was great). Lots of ninjas inside! Kingmodo smashed it.


wasn’t that a kahn remix of top a top as well

v interesting

yeah d1’s like second from last tune was the craziest thing i’ve heard in a v v long time (1 before the breakbeat one and mind and soul if anyone else remembers)


Yeah Kahn & neek remix


D1 the highlight for me.

Big up converge guys, room 2 was vibes all night


I am quite hungover.


Fuuuck, would’ve come down but had work Saturday, was so tempted to buy a ticket yesterday last minute though haha


big up everyone that came it was a madness


Bloody hell your Facebook video of Abba VVIP/Remix is other things


It was daft. Boofy and Ghost Hi-5 went in


Gutted to have missed this. Hope D1 changes his mind about this being a one off and plays a few more 05-09 sets


All the bits of it ere


d1 afterwards said he fucking loved it and was gutted he couldn’t carry on for another hour. Might see him at another Ctrl sound night soon, who knows…


CTRL Sound 2016 dates :eyes:


The sets were huge at the last night. Mainly came for D1, and his set was big, but Youngsta was the set of the night. Really happy for you guys it was so busy, but for me, it was just far too squishy in there, and I found it difficult to enjoy at points.


ctrl sound relative - matter


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Includes vinyl only series finale, @Johnlenham knows how ridiculous that one is gunna be!




Yeah that one will be quite absurd


The next Vinyl Only in Autumn is almost complete! On August 1st one of the biggest lineups you’ve ever seen will be announced along with the most ridiculous sound system. We are going IN on this one.

Who would you guys like to see fill the last couple slots?