Ctrl Sound Official Thread



I’d recommend copping tickets ASAP.


5 quid tickets
get em fast


gonna need more to cross the pond, I know line up will be sick but still…


for real mate, this line up
is so absurd


Wait till the first wave of the lineup comes out and I think your mind will be made up…

So many headliners we are struggling to fit them onto the artwork lol


I know converge is a long word but i think up next to XXXXXX and XXXXXX but below XXXXXX would be alrite?


Copped a ticket, i hope they can let the system loose at this venue & the line up is good as you guys say!


yh man worth it, if folk thought the last one at fire with d1 was good wait till this one drops


Looking forward to it then, haven’t been to any dubstep events since the last system.


early bird tickets = gone


[quote=“JB94, post:79, topic:5848, full:true”]with arguably the greatest dubstep lineup in the last 10 years.

mad. reminds me of those why not nights at ministry that had everyone and their m8 in the scene having 20 mins to spin.

copped a tix


thats a line up haha jhez. But nah no 20min thing!


spotted a fair few names on there from ours but yeah not any 20 minute sets, there is a 4 hour b2b and a 3 hour one. the latter described as the ‘World Cup of dubs’ by one of the artists lol


Question of taste, really. I prefer small lineups in smallish spaces with smallish crowds to hopping around different rooms all night (which will inevitably happen when you’re with mates). Many others are more inclined to go for the big sessions.


so Joe Nice is playing, ye? :badteeth:


you’ll find out soon!


Any update on the line up? :grinning:


Tuesday - when everyone is back from Outlook


gonna be a 2 room situation or nah?