Ctrl Sound Official Thread


fair, gonna see if my mates up for it


Most of the usual lot will be there :hooligans: Its worth getting a cheap ticket tho cos youll say “wot” when the line up comes out haha


sick, was definitely gonna try and reach anyway just solo trains to london are long haha. Gonna cop a ticket tomorrow when I get some p


3 rooms - headliners in each


which Sunday were u on about haha :frowning:


Aha the date is always going back and fourth but last it was said it will be tomorrow.




lineup incoming…



The wait is over! Our biggest lineup ever has landed. If you attended either of the last ‘Vinyl Only’ episodes, you’ll understand just how high we set the bar - we are about to smash the series.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be joined by the legendary JOE NICE who will be flying in from Baltimore (US) to play a 3 hour never been done before B2B set with a very, very special guest. Contact bossman YOUNGSTA will also be joining us, playing a b2b set with J:KENZO in a old school vs new school special. Another first time ever set will feature SPECIAL GUEST B2B PINCH (4hrs); followed by the return of the legendary dubstep pioneer, D1 for an exclusive set! CHEF will be also be making the journey with his obscene collection of dubs. GET DARKER head honcho and founders DARKSIDE & CYRUS (coming out of retirement) will be going back to back to help maximise the 10th anniversary celebrations. New school don KARMA will be joined by an upcoming South London MC, SHUMBA YOUTH. Bristol based SEPIA, with his fresh take on bass music, will be providing, yet more firepower. Dubstep royalty SGT POKES and CRAZY D will be on mic throughout.

The night would not be complete without CTRL Sound friends and family holding it down in all 3 rooms with Badger, Chuckman, CTRL SOUND DJS, Error, Kast, Kirbstomp w/ Joe Raygun, Riddles, Six Sunsets and Turner complete the lineup.

We are also delighted to continue the series at Lightbox with a secret arch, powered by the unbeatable RC1 Sound System, being used as the new room 1.



so like that’s gotta be distance b2b with pinch right…


nope - its something thats never been done before






It’s me b2b pinch, can confirm never been done before


Big lineup, mala b2b Joe Nice please.:slight_smile:


you’ll find out in October!


Hypest hype!!! Me, @badger and @Johoosh will be shelling it down. Gonna be so live!


Big up on getting D1 again :gunfinger:


ctrl sound excluuuuusive


my mate got the ok from the job, checking tickets soon :corndance:
all aboard the hype train

only seen now but Badger & Riddles on the line up noice!!
oh and Cyrus, really hope he draws his early stuff out (random trio iirc)