Ctrl Sound Official Thread



Due to the huge response we’ve had, we would like to thank you all and in return we’ve decided to add dubplate king, Slimzee to the all ready outrageous line up. Remember, we also have two more very, very special guests still to be announced.
Less than 20 £10 tickets remaining, these will go by tonight!


I need a fucking job quick time.





My wish has been answered, even more hyped now. :gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger:


dis gonna be sik


3 hours :flushed:

Ffs I need a job quicktime


Be good to see you mate! Long time


News on who is going b2b with pinch is coming tonight hopefully. Just to warn everyone, the artist has changed from what it previously was due to some extremely annoying unforeseen circumstances. So it’s no longer never been done before or 4 hours (now 3). BUT its still hype as fuck and I know people won’t be disappointed.

One day hopefully I’ll be able to tell you who it is!


*who it was


that’s a real shame,
eager to hear who replaces


replacement is sick, no doubt. I am gassed.

But the original would have been the highlight of my night for me.


Who was the original?


Dubba Jonny


Would’ve merked the dance


Tickets purchased. Looking forward to this one a lot! Hope to meet some of you there. Glad the RC1 is there as the sound in the main room was not the best at the event I went to back in January. The sound in Room 2 was banging though!


Both @Riddles and @Johoosh are playing sets atleast!

Room 2 I rate alot. Was cool to be in there for sure.



BTW, someone who can hook me up with 1 or 2g? would be sweet af
dont know UK prices tho
edit; weed ofc ;D


Will there be a live stream of this (since it is also GetDarker event)?


No live stream for this one