Ctrl Sound Official Thread


Aiming for bout half 9 or so


you playing as well?


10-1 with my boiz Badger and johoosh


sick, might just hang there till slimzee comes on


See you tonight, fam.



I’ll be in a conscious sounds T and dark hoodie, matey and i are a tall duo so might be easier to pick out. Kind of bummed karma is on late not sure I’m gonna hack it


i’ll be there, think like 11ish, i’ll be the guy grinding ur girl

should be easy enough 2 spot

q excited lads


Aha, I’m gonna look out for you. Swear I must have seen you a dozen times but have no idea of who you are!


Is the wait really that long?


Have a good one people, gutted I can’t afford the trip down :frowning:️️


En route, catch you guys around (right stack?), I’ll be the short guy with an afro and a green t-shirt/constant bass face/head by the speaker all the time if you we haven’t met


Very excited


Hows the cue?


Cant go in because I smell like weed u guys for real here? If I had it on me ok fair but really?


London can be a bit nazi sometimes, maybe they think youre too drunk


That’s shit, you not been let in at all?!


CTRL is babylon for this.


I dont drink Im sober af I smoke weed no pills no coke ket mushrooms I smoke before I enter so I can go in w/o problems seriously what the fck

Edit he said you smell like weed Im taking no chances not even a pat down


Dude that fucking sucks. Did you try again later or what?
There were so many people in there completely spangled as well.


He said not a chance tonight go elsewhere
Was probably going to be last time London for a long time… hope everyone had a good one tho

Edit Worst part is corsica had a great line up too but it sold out or wasnt available shouldve tried door there tbf