Dark, mysterious Tune. (Inspired by Dope D.O.D)

Yo folks!

I recently started listening to Dope D.O.D again. And I must say, I freaking love their style. One song in particular does not stop inspiring me on so many levels: A little bit of XTC ( Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRGjLvc1bWI)
This track is just…urgh so god damn good. The atmosphere, the lyrics, basically everything. So, anyways yesterday night I decided I wanted to make something similiar. I tried to create a similiar eery and mysterious atmosphere and this is what I ended up with: https://soundcloud.com/nosq/nosq-lsd
What do you guys think? Im still pretty new to the world of producing, but its fun as hell. Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated :smile:

Take it easy guys and greetz,

Personally it sounds like you may have a bit too much reverb in your mix, also maybe try turning those hi hats down a bit. Drum could be punchier, but maybe that’s how you wanted it? But anyway, pretty decent considering you’re still quite new as you say :raised_hands:

Thanks for the tipps mate! Really appreciate it :slight_smile: And true the kick does seem a litlle soft. Ill look for something better :smiley:

Thanks mate!! Really appreciate you checking it out. And yea, ive thought about taking a different snare. I just havent found the right one. What kind of snare would you suggest?