DepthCue - Rams [dubstep]

This song is inspired by my alma mater and the video is dedicated to 2011 VCU Mens Basketball team that made it against all odds to the Final Four.

Trying to simplify my production and focus on locking in a tight beat and riff.

It kind of reminds me of the music Mike Tyson walked into the ring with when he fought against Mike Spinks when he wanted to intimidate his opponent with a deafening song of random noise.

I’d say it’s definitely not an orthodox way of blending sounds. I don’t like the style personally but that’s just subjective.

You said you were trying to be simplistic and make a beat with a riff, it is simplistic but after a minute of hearing the song I’ve already forgot the beat and the riff so I wouldn’t call it catchy.

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what are you even talking about? LOL

simplify, not simplistic.

I think you got what I’m trying to do a bit though. Definitely, not trying to be catchy or “memorable,” I’ll leave that to Katy Perry. Just trying to make a dope beat and tight bassline.

btw, eat a dick troll :jointrasta:

I’m not trying to troll I just didn’t like the track.
It’s not like I’m spamming your soundcloud accounts or stalking you around the internet saying these things.

It’s a feedback area of the forum.

If your goal is to create a track that’s not catchy or memorable and very simple then it’s successful.

Whether it’s good or not is subjective. I didn’t feel anything from the track and I don’t get the sense that a lot of effort was put into it.

dude, all you do is give stupid comments to everyone

good music is not about “how much effort was put into it”

that’s a good point I suppose.

Your track is really good, I changed my mind about the whole thing.

dude. quit playin’ with my emotions LOL :jointrasta:

To be honest man, it’s a good beat. But the sounds you used conflict with each other, if you used more similar sounds I think it could work out pretty nicely. Also, you switch sounds pretty often, maybe have one sound dedicated to a certain bass-line and another dedicated to your “melody”? By having only a few sounds dedicated to certain things I think you could simplify your production a lot instead of focusing on a lot of sounds at once.

I hear you. thanks for the feedback.

it’s one bassline, I just switch up the instruments for variety and contrast. but I hear you about it clashing.

you know what. after some time i really see what you’re saying. I think it’ll be easier to mix too, so I’m going to do a version with fewer sounds.