Desire (Fraught Remix) Comp Entry

Hey guys! I have been producing for years and have partaken in many remix competitions etc. I have just entered one and poured so much effort into it. I ask of you to kindly even just give it a play and if you’re feeling generous provide any kind of feedback or drop a like. Anything is appreciated and i am prepared to take a listen to some of your tracks in return <3
So here it is thanks guys <3

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Beautiful! Seriously holy shit! Great vocals, beautifully mixed buildup, and great growls. I like how the main line is so full but manages to sit under the vocals and not interfere with their frequencies. Also like the drum and bass sequencing throughout the drop - very dynamic and pleasing.
Arrangement: 8/10
Great buildup of energy, manages to keep the energy throughout the drop, and dissipates naturally. Thought the first drop kind of carried it a bit better than the second one, but still great. I would have like to see a change in tempo or a heavier breakdown of the tune later in it but still fantastic work.
Sampling: Didn’t hear heavy drum kit sampling, but the vocals were beautiful and great. This is for a remix contest so I’m gonna give most of the credit to the TNAN cause I’m guessing you downloaded the stems and the vocals were already mixed to a point- never the less you probably did a bit of processing to get them to fit so nicely, so nice!
Sequencing: 7/10
I really like your blend of the 3 or 4 patches you used. They varied in strength and grit, but they transitioned great and it had a lot of bite while still being floaty and beautiful. Over all though i thought they could have been a bit more dynamic in melody. I think the second drop at 3:10 doesn’t really fit. I think if you were aiming for going all out for a nasty drop you should have given it a bit more momentum, possibly a grittier bass. I was gonna compliment you on the pluck buildup throughout the intro, but i just listened to the original and I’m pretty sure you just slowed down the stem from the original. Anyway- good job, just thought you could have gotten a bit crazier with it. Big ups for those drums man you got it right away. Start with the Kick Snare then give it a bit of a change up in the 3 and 4th bars.
Synthesis: 7/10
I think you did a good job with your patches here. Sonically, they fit nicely and mix together well. I think in the second drop that initial patch kinda gets worn out, sorry something about the tonality for it just kinda spoils it. Also wasn’t really hot on the processing you have on the secondary synth at 1:23 it think it was a bit too wet on the reverb. Not much to say here though - your sound isn’t groundbreaking or anything - but it fits very well with what is current and popular in dubstep (your whole track does) and is mixed well.
Overall- Good job dude, what a killer track! I’m gonna go follow you and check out your other stuff. I would love if you gave a minute to check my stuff out too!

Thank you so much for the in depth feedback i will be sure to check out your music and take on a few of those pointers!!!

I realllly like this a lot. I can’t find the original track for comparison though. What was sampled from the original? Was it just the vocals? or some instruments as well?

Thank You :smiley: The vocals and like the pluck thing that’s sort of throughout the song are from the original.